7-23-23 Well Being


As our addiction was only a symptom, we now begin the real work on our emotional and spiritual well-being. The more we let go of our addictions to needing things, people and short-term pleasures prop us up temporarily, the more we open to flowing through life with a sense of curiosity and wonder, not demands. We consciously bring our spiritual guidance to accompany us in all we do.

Whatever your spirit embraces—God, Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus, an ethereal essence, nature, always bring it with you. Consciously ask it to join you, say the words in your head or out loud.  “I am struggling a bit, please join with me.”Or your own words. Open up to, embrace that essence, and ask it be present with you all day. This is how we begin bringing our spiritual essence into our awareness, by consciously doing it, not just hoping it will happen. 

When you feel tension, that is a message to open your awareness beyond any small, hard concern to embrace all of you, nature and the universe; a fuller awareness. Be more aware and mindful at all times. Practice being singularly mindful about your tasks. You will have to keep bringing your attention back to the task, as your scattered mind wants to project, hurry and doubt. This is the essence of your practice, be mindful and relaxed. If you can tame 70% or 30% of the monkey mind, it is a good thing. Keep working with it.Your concerns will be down-sized  to a proper and manageable size.

Use breathing and relaxing in small situations. If you’re running a little late you get tight, if someone else is late you get tight. If you are trying to do 3 things at once you will be unfocused and tight. The dishes need doing, the trash needs taking out, you forgot one thing at the store, someone is not acting like you want them to. Oh why me, this is not fair!!! Are you really the writer and director of others and the universe? Try being in charge of yourself instead.
If you let an underlying sense of unease inform you, you will bring unnecessary suffering where there could be a sense of well-being, gratitude and appreciation.

Breathe, relax and laugh a bit at yourself. Start bring well-being into small things in your life and continue to expand it to all your life. As you let go of the frustration of having to “deal with” some small thing things you will touch into the basic goodness that you are, and it is vital that you do so. Let doubt and fear arise, acknowledge them and step through to your stronger, calmer self.

We are out of balance when we are mostly concerned with worldly things. We find so many things that are wrong (i.e., that aren’t the way WE want them to be). Others, work, politics, weather, animals, others, myself, others. We can be so focused on all the worldly things, we forget about any spiritual connection. Conversely, it is possible be so engaged in spiritual aspects we may feel we’re above the worldly things, and not deal with them properly. We need balance. As we grow in well-being, we feel calmer, more curious and open to what is occurring, not stuck on what we wish was happening. We feel appreciative and alive, softer and more resilient, not scrambling to keep it together and making sure we get what we need, which never ends.

Lakota Instructions for Living “Friend do it this way – that is, whatever you do in life, do the very best you can with both your heart and mind. And if you do it that way, the Power of the Universe will come to your assistance, if your heart and mind are in Unity. – Passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman

It takes a conscious effort to let go of the old, small behaviors and let the spirit begin to guide your life. Life still throws curve balls; at times, you will feel confused, sad, angry and fearful.  But when you include your spiritual essence in your intellect and emotions, you heal faster, you’re more patient and curious as your judgements abate.  Slow down, your spirit cannot get through your torrent of thoughts about yourself. Instead of anger or fear at situations, personal and worldly, we can feel inspired to work with a solution. We are of no use, or even add to any problem, when we let it overwhelm us. We begin knowing a clear head and an open heart will inform us as to the most useful way to move forward. 

Including a sense of spirit or broader connection in our lives takes a willful effort. We need to have a good spiritual practice; prayer, meditation, mindfulness, humor, appreciation and join that with responsibility and good sense in worldly matters. To this end, it is helpful to use a short saying or other reminder many times each day to open up and relax into your broader perspective. Some use a prayer or a simple mantra, ie — “May I be in Peace.” Some set an hourly chime to remind them to come back from being too enmeshed in the mental turmoil that can happen. Taking 3 deep breaths and relaxing the shoulders and mind for one minute is very useful. 

Have you gone through a 16 hour day and never taken a few minutes, a few times each day, to connect with the spirit?

“Poor me” gets old pretty fast when we are aware of what we’re doing. We begin standing up for ourselves when needed, because we respect ourselves. We learn to respect and trust ourselves. Not always to be right, but to endeavor to be better, and to keep trying, gently but firmly.
The wise one protects their serenity – their well-being – like a jewel.

Nature is a wonderful healer. We can begin healing our self-inflicted wounds by simply taking a mindful walk. A natural area is a good place, or a walk around the block. Actually feel the air, hear the birds, the traffic, and the dogs. Smell what the world is like, see the trees and the clouds and the rain. Let all your senses be vibrant and your thinking fade. Just feel who you are, it’s not what you think.

Start the day with your spiritual practice, and then going outside, hearing the birds, feeling the air, seeing and smelling this world, rejoicing in the simplicity of LIFE and that you are a part of it? Breathe deeply and relax.

Complacency and laziness are the cornerstone of unhappiness. I have never regretted having the discipline to practice, and have felt the lack of “spirit” when I have not practiced. Be one who respects life; yours and all life. One who steps up and engages a gentle and decisive practice of bringing well-being into all your affairs. A decision that will never be regretted, will enhance your life and the life of others. – The power of well-being is compelling.


How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for

May you be well. May you be happy. May you find peace.