9-4-22 View


View suggests a belief grounded on assurance (as by evidence) of its truth.  A broad perspective which considers many factors in reality, not opinion. The deep feeling or insight as to the proper direction for one’s life.                                                                                        

We need to ask ourselves, “What is my view? What is important in my life? What is worth pursuing, and what should I let go of?” It is important to sit down and consider this.

As I learn what does not work, I’m willing to stop engaging in the obvious destructive behaviors. At first I may feel empty, like I have lost my best friend (my addiction).  It was what I relied on to make life meaningful, even though it actually helped me to avoid life. I feel my foundation has been taken away; I am groundless.  

As I learn and grow, I begin to see that I do have choices, whereas before my addiction dictated my actions and kept me in darkness. I begin to have trust in my insights and my intelligence.

I begin to see that I and all others have an innate basic goodness, that we are all spiritually connected, and my view naturally opens so that I can see more clearly and further now.

I begin to explore what this connection is, how I can become more aware of it, and how I can integrate that view into my everyday life. This is a time of searching and growth that will probably last our lifetime, or lifetimes.

With our view expanding, we can stop denying our emotions and allowing them to rule us. 
Instead, we can experience them in a larger framework. It’s like putting a spoon of salt into a teacup versus putting it into a pond. The same amount of salt is there, but in a larger context it’s manageable, not overwhelming. 

No wonder we could not get along with others…we either wanted to avoid them or dominate them. But when we begin to look honestly at ourselves and effect even a small change in our view and behaviors, we begin feeling worthwhile.  A sense of dignity and purpose blooms in our lives.

We will find we are hampered by fewer things for shorter periods of time. We need to continuously reinforce a newer view so as not to slip back into old harmful behaviors. Life continues to unfold, and we need to continually broaden and reinforce the view through our practice. We can ask ourselves if we are making the effort needed. Do we use kind speech? Take the right action? Do we work with contemplation, meditation and awareness on an ongoing basis so it becomes a welcome part of our lives?

The spiritual life is not a theory, we have to LIVE it, and practice seeing with our new, expanding view in all of our affairs. If we only “feel” the sunlight of the spirit in a recovery room or in our personal practice, but practice selfishness and aggression or remain ruled by fear in our daily life, we have only picked up one foot but have not taken a step.  We feel unbalanced standing on one leg.

To paraphrase Thich Nhat Hanh, our happiness and the happiness of those around us depend on our degree of Right View. Touching reality deeply—knowing what is going on inside and outside of ourselves—is the way to liberate ourselves from the suffering that is caused by wrong perceptions. Right View is not an ideology, a system, or even a path. It is the insight we have into the reality of life; a living insight that fills us with understanding, peace, and love. The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching

We are blessed to be with others and in a place and time where we CAN work on a positive change in our lives. This is a gift that some overlook because of selfishness or fear, and it is a tremendous shame. You are worthy of the best and deserve a wonderful life; it is there for you if you pick your feet up, do the work, and keep walking in the right direction.!

It cannot be stressed strongly enough that the practice of mindfulness, or any approach to meditation and contemplation, only becomes an effective instrument of liberation to the extent that it is founded upon and guided by right view. And that you actually do practice, not just think it is a good idea that you will soon get to.

“However many holy words you read, however many you speak, what good will they do you if you do not act on upon them?” –Buddha

When you wake up in the morning, if you find yourself being negative or in fear, STOP. Open your “NEW VIEW” app. Relax, be grateful and appreciate that you can be kind to yourself. What can you do, and keep doing, that will be helpful and kind today? Today is new, and precious, just as you are. Do not forget this.

An open, clear view has no sense of fear, no poverty, no grasping or running away. By seeing reality from a higher view, we are not attached to our difficulties nor are we attached to our accomplishments or happiness. From a vaster view we can avoid attachment and more fully see and engage in all aspects of life. 

Let us hold firmly to a view of rejoicing. Of celebrating and delighting in our lives. Of being grateful and not judgmental.

Let us rejoice in the difficulties we have, because they give us the chance to grow and understand more deeply. From my deepest problems come my greatest joys. Let us rejoice in the joys of life that were previously unavailable to us. Let us rejoice that we have the opportunity and the desire to help others, which enriches our lives. Let us rejoice in the many small blessings we have, and often overlook.                                                                                                                               

Let us rejoice in the direction our lives are taking, and that we will not let anything deter us—nothing.

We feel worthy of all our blessings, and will pass them all on to those who still suffer.

We soon find that OUR view becomes THE View. A path that is walked with dignity and kindness.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for
May you be well. May you be happy. May you find peace.

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