Meditation on – Goodness – Kindness & Strength

Meditation on,  Goodness – Kindness & Strength

We can use meditation as a way to touch into our innate goodness and reinforce it everyday.

Meditate for 5-10 minutes, calming the mind a bit, then contemplate saying to yourself –

I am a good person
I am a kind person
I am a strong person

Say each line and sit with each feeling , let the energy of each contemplation arise and fill who you are.
Take your time and really feel each affirmation grow and shine within you.
It is who you really are. It is the strength you need and have, to live a good life.

Feel your consciousness and a sense of being a part of all the life energies that exist, expand. It is very powerful.

You can then enlarge the contemplation with –

I am good to myself, I am good to others
I am kind to myself, I am kind to others
I am strong within myself, I am strong for others