Present – Calm – Open Exercise

With this Breath I am: Present – Calm – Open

Use the PCO Breathing technique when you catch yourself engaging in the endless blather the mind has gotten used to entertaining itself with. Or when other thoughts or emotions are ruling the present moment. 

Sit or stand in an upright manner, do not slouch. Head up, heart center open. 

Your gaze is slightly lowered, 6 -8 feet in front of you.             

Inhale one breath deeply and fully, then exhale deeply – Relax your shoulders and jaw.

Bring your awareness inside yourself to your body, let your mind be still, empty. 

Feel your awareness become fully present in your body. Feel the tingling of life’s energy inside you.

Breathe in deeply – Exhale fully – I am Present
Breathe in deeply – Exhale – Presence
Breathe in deeply – Exhale – Presence

Feel and gently accept any thoughts. Place them in a larger space of
acceptance, awareness and peace. Let the choppy, confusing waves in your mind smooth out into a calm, vast, peaceful ocean. Relax your shoulders and jaw. As you touch into the stability, clarity and strength that is who you truly are, you feel calm.

 Breathe in deeply – Exhale fully – I am Calm
Breathe in deeply – Exhale – Calmness
Breathe in deeply – Exhale – Calmness

Raise your gaze upwards, straight ahead. 
Feel your mind, your awareness, expand outward. 
Feel your awareness expand into a vast, clear openness that includes all things with a gentle appreciation and acceptance. 

Breathe in deeply – Exhale fully – I am Open
Breathe in deeply – Exhale – Openness 
Breathe in deeply – Exhale – Openness

Let the feeling of Present Calm and Open remain with you. 

Smile and return to what’s next. 

As we recognize that we can change the energy of our negativity, or our constant mental chatter, we can use conscious breathing as a useful tool to fully engage in the present.  

Short version of calming.

The “Short version” is to gently calm ourselves, to bring our focus back to the present moment, which can be used anytime you are feeling agitated.

Notice if your ego does not want to calm down, it would prefer to stay agitated. You can include this resistance in your breaths.

Stand or sit up straight.                     

Take one full deep breath, exhale completely.

Relax your shoulders and jaw.

Breathe in deeplyBreathe out – I am Present

Breathe in deeplyBreathe out – I am Calm

Breathe in deeplyBreathe out – I am Open

Let your open, calm presence remain, smile, and continue with life. 

Choice is Always an option, make good choices.

You can set your phone alarm for every hour to remind yourself to breathe and become more present, calm and open. It really does help!

The Great Arises out of Small Things that are Honored and Cared for.