9-1-19 Limitations


Impediment, hindrance, restriction, barrier, boundary, disadvantage.
Antonyms: Freedom, permission, advantage, liberation.

“In the West, there’s a myth that freedom means free expression—that to follow all desires wherever they take one is true freedom. In fact, it is servitude to our thoughts and emotions. One sees that following desires, attractions, repulsions is not at all freedom, but is a bondage (limits us). A mind filled with desires and grasping inevitably gives rise to great suffering. Freedom is not to be gained through the ability to perform certain external actions. True freedom is an inward state of being. Once it is attained, no situation in the world can bind one or limit your freedom.” (Paraphrase) –Jack Kornfield

Meditation teaches us that below our mental graspings and obsessions, and emotional binges, we are composed of a mind and spirit that is clear-seeing, stable and strong. That we can begin choosing to not limit ourselves by not believing all those things which once seemed sooo important. We need detachment from our limiting factors. We create a space that brings clarity and perspective. Not a detachment from caring, but a detachment from external and internal influences, the conditioning that limits and defines us.

We all have demons or difficulties that we have acquired through time, especially through any addiction, and self-judgment. We all have emotional blockages; but if we address those limiting factors, and see them through eyes of compassion and acceptance, we can recognize our humanness and our spiritual capacities. We can transform those negativities into a wisdom of compassion for ourselves and for others that suffer from the same self-made demons. This takes time and dedication, but I would rather be on the path of looking at, working with, and letting go of my demons, than continuing to let them mis-guide me deeper into my suffering.

Once you are free from fear, there is nothing to hold you back.

One part of liberation is freedom from the fear of failure (if I don’t try, I won’t fail). How do we define success, or failure? Actually there is no such thing. We create definitions based on our social standards, or a sense of what we think others will think of us. Or what we think we need to get, or who we need to be, to be happy. We may set some goal to attain, and if we don’t MAKE IT we’ve failed, or if we do make it, we have succeeded. We can go through life always chasing something, needing something more that we think will define us and make us happy. Whenever we are done with any task, well, there we are again, just us…not really any different and wondering why we don’t feel ultimately fulfilled by that arbitrary goal we had set. We can and should feel a sense of accomplishment when we do something we have set out to do. And we can feel a sense of growth and curiosity when we “fail” at something. We then let it go and get on with stepping fully into what is next. We don’t permit some definition of success or failure define or limit us. The only limit we have is to not try.
I don’t want to die, … or live, with a sense of not having tried.

We are all different with different abilities. We won’t all be able to be great writers, or artists, or athletes, or welders, or nurses, or lawyers. Or can we? Have you tried? We all have many blessings and abilities and we should try different things to see what we CAN do. And we should do something in life that we are inspired to do, or at least feel it is something we care about.

My best will differ from day to day, but that’s ok, I am human and make mistakes, and have my moods. I always re-balance, and don’t let those ‘off times’ limit my sense of worthiness.
Do I let the past limit me? Why, if the past has been a negative influence in my life, would I permit it to define my present and future?
Do I let my future projections limit me? Perhaps it’s better to not have a projection (which is only an extension of my ego, my fears or grandiose ideas), but rather an aspiration based in a fluid reality, to trust in myself, and accept inevitable changes from my original plan. Liberation is staying completely in the present moment, without attachment to the past and without fear of the future.
I need to heal from the effects of my addiction and pursue a healthy physical, spiritual and emotional lifestyle. This takes time, help from others, and a dedication and knowing that I WANT to live as fully and as happily as possible. That my fears, which are self-made, are my limitations. And to know that I am the only one who limits me.
What would it feel like to not be ruled by fear? To instead be guided by my sense of worthiness and kindness? To not be defined by anyone; to live freely and compassionately, and be involved in this world (the only one there is so far), in a healthy and freeing way?

Be aware when you feel fear. Live with a sense of awareness as to what is influencing you. Do you limit yourself by giving into fear? Or can you laugh at your fear and step strongly forward, believing in yourself?
Live with an awareness of your actions and intentions. Otherwise, you’re on auto-pilot, not much more than a robot that has been programmed. This is your life…Pay Attention!
I now know fear when it arrives. I welcome it and do not let it limit me. I thank fear for reminding me that I am so much more than the limits it wants to impose. It brings me courage. My aspiration is to grow. My actions reflect my path of growth, consideration and being happier.

Are your thoughts focused on your problems, your resentments, your fears, your perceived flaws or limitations? Then that is who you are.
Are your thoughts focused on learning from the past and letting go? Stepping into today with your aspiration to engage, to help others and grow? Not feeling limited, but excited about possibilities? Do you have a sense of humor, a sense of curiosity without fear about the future? Then that is who you are.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.

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