1-1-17 With Peace

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With Peace

We all wish to be happy. We may think happiness is getting what we want or avoiding what we don’t want. In not knowing that these only cause more pain we are ignorant of how to be with peace. We can be addicted to crisis, or avoiding any conflict, or trying to just float along not really being touched by much.
A spiritual life includes good and bad and our experiencing those fully, but not attaching to those experiences as who we are, good or bad. With a foundation that comes from kindness and being with peace, we are able to experience and connect to the world, others and ourselves very deeply, without being overwhelmed or defined by the experience.

Here are two rules on the spiritual path: Begin and Continue. Sufi saying

People in the West are always getting ready to live. Chinese saying

I will practice looking deeply to see that the happiness and suffering of others are not separate from my own happiness and suffering. Thich Nhat Hahn

Recovery – is to restore, to regain. Not the need to find anything new or different. I have never lost my spiritual self, I am only sometimes in a place where I am unable to see or feel it. It is still there! And I can touch it if I am willing to be with Peace instead of in my habitual graspings and fears. That peace is always with me.
Even today I sometimes wonder who I am. Sometimes I feel very spiritually connected, I can be considerate and patient, I feel a definite connection to, and desire to engage, in the world. Other times I just sort of mindlessly float through life.
And that is OK. I Keep Walking and working on the better me that is already there..

I may well feel a lack of intensity or feel fear when I have the courage to not act impulsively.This is a good thing, peace will naturally arise when we give our old behaviors space. How am I causing myself to suffer?
I need to have a quiet time to meditate for a little bit, then search inside for how I am causing myself problems. I need to let go of the story line, (who, what, where), and just feel where the tension that is inside me. To sit with that tension and breathe into it, not trying to fix anything, accepting it and becoming familiar with that part of me.
I need to get over being RIGHT and trying to fix anyone. I don’t fix myself, I open up.

A spiritual life is an engagement in and a connection with all that occurs, good and difficult. But not an attachment to the good or the difficult. Attachment is where I begin narrowing my vision, judging, and start resentments of others and ourselves, as not worthy.
When I feel a twinge of – “I shouldn’t do this”, with small things, it is a good time to practice, to become familiar with choosing peace over an ego’s satisfaction.
When I do come from peace and kindness, I will hurt when it hurts, and laugh when it is joyful, and find a very full life with all that occurs.

Through discipline comes the joy of life.
In my addiction I had no discipline in regard to my spiritual, physical or emotional well being, nor the well being of others. However I could have an amazing discipline in pursuing my destructive addiction.
Today I learn and grow in maintaining a watchful, and caring eye on my thoughts and behaviors.

When I come from aggression, fear or avoidance, I may feel a small victory in getting what I want by denying someone else their worth and dignity, or avoiding a situation which will only expand the difficulty in the future.
When I come from Peace, I must have a dicipline to not react. But to consider and act wisely from my heart. This may feel like I have not gotten what I wanted, (immediate gratification). But I will feel a sense of rightness in my actions, or in my not reacting.
Peace is calm and gentle, but strong. I will feel a sense of dignity, and worthiness about myself, and in how I have treated others.
It is not important how someone else acts, how I act IS important.

This takes work, and a constant awareness of your true heart and self.
What am I promoting and advocating, Peace or problems?
Life is not always straight forward, but try to keep things as simple as possible, I breathe deeply before I act when I feel a tension and touch my heart, be brave. Bravery is gentleness and strength. To say yes and no when I should. I am my best teacher, I need to pay attention.

If I only hear good words and do not act upon them, I cause suffering.
Can I have the discipline to practice my spiritual life, to bring peace, everyday?
Can I be gentle and strong enough to not hold grudges? To look for what is good, not wrong? When I am looking for what is wrong, I will come from a place of judgement and negativity.

If I am not promoting peace – why not? Too busy being selfish or feeling sorry for myself? Today I have a choice.

It takes work, but the results are a long lasting sense of contentment and peace that I have, and bring to the whole world.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
“The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.”
Heart Of Recovery web site –

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