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To Be

It is completely necessary to Be an ordinary human being, to have our emotions, our feelings, to be stupid, lustful, lazy, fearful and angry. We need to Be and acknowledge exactly who we are.

If we try to Be someone who does not have some of the qualities that we don’t want in ourselves, we will only Be someone who is trying to Be someone else.
Surrender to who you are. However we do not surrender to thinking and acting in ways that are dictated to us by our old behaviors of fear, avoidance or neediness.We can allow everything in our present-?moment experience of the body and mind to Be just as it is. We can allow but not engage in. I can recognize when I am feeling angry towards someone, myself included, and Choose to respond in, to Be, kindness.

In meditation we are training our mind to not thoughtlessly engage in whatever happens to come to mind. We are training to notice if the mind wanders, and return to being as we are, again and again. We can just Be. When we are Being, we are not caught in the past or the future. Being is presence, in the Now. Being is seeing, hearing, feeling very strongly.
Whatever arises in the meditation session, and in all of life, can be embraced with gentle, present awareness infused with tenderness, care, and precise simplicity. We do not have to be afraid of who we are. Our basic human nature is already awake and good. We need to BE that more often.

Of course, challenges may arise in our meditation and in everyday life, – physical or emotional discomfort-?— but all of these can be regarded as a reminder to bring an attitude of inquisitiveness and gentleness to our experience, whatever it may be. This attitude of being gentle is the gateway to bravery.
Once you know what is happening, you can bring to bear the discipline, the courage, to Mindfully use the tools you have, to bring your positive energies into your life and the lives of others.

This is well beyond feeling that when we get this or that, or get rid of something, THEN we will be happy. Loving from the heart, just Being, shows us the way to not be selfish or needy; it is touching an innate sense of wholesomeness that can guide us gently and firmly to who we truly are and how to live in this sometimes crazy world with compassion and humor.

When you are walking BE walking, when you are shopping, BE shopping, when you are talking to someone, BE listening first, then BE talking. When you open a door, feel it, BE opening the door. Stop the constant BS chatter in your mind and BE. Bring your full attention to Being.

Feel when you are trying to manipulate a situation. To manipulate is to manufacture, to create a false world. Often in your mind about yourself. When you manipulate you will feel a tension, a tightness. You can recognize that you are Being a manipulator, or lying or in fear. When you feel that tension, you can BREATHE and re-set your mind to be more open. It will be uncomfortable to deal with the real world in an honest manner. You have old behaviors that prompt you to defend, avoid, or ignore.
When you bring and use the simplicity of Being, it does not satisfy the ego’s need to create a false sense of self and a false sense of who someone else is. In Being, you are promoting your kindness, your humor and peace.

When you recognize you are indulging in feeling sorry for yourselves, or guilty or resentful. You need to breathe, and be with whatever your state is and NOT indulge it. Just BE.
May sound too simple, but just Being does not deny what you are feeling, but does not engage it either. It touches your heart center and informs you naturally to be brave and bring a sense of kindness to yourselves and others.
You do not permit yourself to beat yourself up. In simple Being, you love yourselves and see more clearly what is happening.
With force some things may be accomplished, with Being gentle, all things can be accomplished.

If I do not be-lieve in myself, in my innate goodness, I will be trying to fill the hole of my doubt with many temporary satisfactions that only bring more difficulty. I will beat myself up over the past, be afraid of the future and treat myself really poorly.
I do not have to do this!!! I can begin not believing my negative self and start just Being.
When you are knotted up, try relaxing your shoulders, breathe and let your mind clear. Just Be.
You may smile a bit at the energy you were AGAIN, putting into old negative behaviors.
When we begin dismissing negativity, we replace it with Being.

As we learn to sit with ourselves and know ourselves completely, with the so called good and bad, and to know these are only aspects of our basic goodness, the sunlight of the spirit is made up of all parts of all beings, and that it is as it should be, and is as it is. We no longer feel self-doubt about ourselves as spiritual beings, WE ARE BASICALLY GOOD! We know others suffer as we have and we are now here to witness our lives, their lives, and be a participant in all aspects of life.

So, if we don’t make much effort, we can rely on not much changing.
I am responsible for my life, and I am responsible for doing what I can to help uplift the lives of others, these are one and the same.
Wish to Be a positive part of your life.
Be aware of when you are negative and do not accept it. Do accept kindness, and begin and continue to support yourself and BE a positive person.

How we do something, is more important that what we do.
How will informs us and define what we do.
“Whisper words of wisdom, let it be, let it be.”

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.
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