12-16-18 Heavy or Light


When you are fully gentle without arrogance and without aggression, you see the brilliance of the universe, life is fuller and richer, life is worth experiencing. CTR

With force some things may be accomplished, with gentleness all things can be accomplished. SMR

Spiritual materialism, try harder, get heavy about it. All practice must be done with a sense of joy. We do need to apply ourselves through our sloth and old behaviors, and that may seem it is heavy, but we are stepping through a heaviness into a lightness, not reinforcing or promoting a heaviness or negativity.

Practice relating to your emotions in their fundamental state, as energy. Once you do this the fear, paranoia and shame drop away and we can relate to powerful emotions properly. You will always have emotions in our lives, the light ones; joy, compassion and acceptance. The heavy ones may be of our own making and thus you are capable of un-making them. When you do experience a true difficulty in your lives, someone we love dies, or a difficult thing happens to someone, you are able to relate to it properly, not be overwhelmed by it, and take appropriate action by coming from our foundation of lightness and acceptance, if you have worked on building it. If you have no foundation other than your egos, life will be hard.

“We don’t know what we see; we see what we know.” Goethe 

Shame –  A Painful emotion caused by a sense of guilt, unworthiness or disgrace. If we come from this place, this is how we see ourselves. It is all a lie perpetrated by our mind but we believe it and it causes much grief. 

Emotional intelligence – the ability to recognize and manage one’s emotions, to solve conflicts, to motivate oneself, and to persevere in the face of difficulty. 

To feel the heaviness and choose to not feed it, but to breathe into our lightness and let that be our refuge.

Thoughts and emotions seemed overwhelming, now we see that they are like mist rising from the water. The emotion is a creation of our mind.

When we are able to know, to see clearly, that we are causing ourselves and others pain and confusion because of our behavior, and we are able to step through our heavy selfish behavior with a lightness that is open and more accommodating, we feel amazing. We then know this is possible. That we are capable of growing and opening up where we were once so mired down and unhappy, it is an amazing feeling.

When we have difficult times, we can be so trapped in that emotion we do nothing but feel and project, verbally and physically, our confusion and pain, and inflict it on others. My addiction was the epitome of being trapped and acting in very harmful ways. I never thought to care for myself in a kind way–to honor that I was entrapped and needed help. I only continued destroying myself. Slowly, as I learn to look at myself honestly and with KINDNESS and grow out of my heavy negativity, I begin to recognize the intuition and wisdom that I do have. I begin to trust myself, walk with my head up, and see the wonders all around me. I try lightening up and it is wonderful. Why did I not do this before? What’s the big deal with my heaviness and negativity???

When we feel and accept, we are honoring ourselves and caring for ourselves and OTHERS. If others are not on our radar, we are very lonely. If only others are on our radar we do not care properly for ourselves.

Recognize when you are indulging negative behaviors. If you are going to the store, or to a meeting, or work, how many negative or manipulative thoughts do you have?

They will be out of what I, I. I want. The traffic will be bad, what if I see that person I don’t like, It’s cold, they are wrong and a pain, etc, etc, etc. Try going somewhere with no expectations, just a feeling, a sense of openness and trust in yourself to appreciate and be fully and lightly present for all of what happens.

Trust Yourself, quit waiting for the universe to FINALLY align itself just for you. It will be a long wait.

“Afflicting Emotions”    Thich Nhat Hanh (Some Paraphrasing)                         Recognition: If we are angry, resentful, afraid, — we say, I know that anger, resentment — is in me. Do not believe or embody we are the anger or resentment; know it is an emotion we are experiencing. Then we are able to work with it from our lightening up reserve.                                                                                                             

Acceptance: We accept what is present, not as good or bad, but simply accept it. Embracing: Our mindfulness embraces, as a sick child, our emotion, and it is calmed. Compassion. Looking Deeply: when we are calm enough we can look deeply to understand what has brought this emotion to be, what has caused it.                        Insight: By understanding the causes of our difficulties, we are able to change the situation if we choose to.

What happens to the fear and resentments when we let them go?

Since they are nothing to begin with, they have nowhere to go, they are just gone.

You are worthy of trusting yourself, of being imperfect and wonderfully human.

Lightness or heaviness, joy or dread? Choose.


What do I honor in my life that is healthy? I honor all of myself, with a smile.

LIGHTEN UP!!! And keep walking in the right direction.  

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.                                                                         The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.                                                              The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.                                  Heart of Recovery web site – fcheartofrecovery.com