6-10-18 Saying Yes

Saying YES

In improv acting classes, a fundamental rule of the exercises is to “agree.” Whatever is offered to you in a skit or piece of dialogue, you accept and expand upon it. On the other hand, if you had

“disagreed” or said ‘no’, the action stops. This can be a metaphor in life.

The minute you fold your arms in front of you, the action stops. The energy dissipates. What are your fellow actors to do? 

Deliberately moving out of your comfort zone does many things. You realize you have hidden strengths and can rely on yourself to expand and return from what was a fearsome ledge. You find new hobbies, interests and even delights. You don’t isolate and so you make new friends. You have included others in your optimistic experiments and have gotten that much closer to tender, shaky, unsure humanity in the process. New opportunities beckon further beyond the big door you just opened. And best yet, addictions, substances and behaviors that used to call to you in the past, go quiet.

In the Big Book it says “we have ceased fighting anything or anyone.” So another benefit of saying “Yes” is that it opens your mind and reduces your prejudices. Maybe you don’t have all the answers. Maybe there’s a gray area that you hadn’t seen when you were saying “No” so readily. Now you see things from a more moderated point of view. Saying “Yes” is to recognize the nuances, the opportunities of life. And that recognition plants you firmly in life’s bubbly stream. Not sitting on the bank watching life go by. Get right in the wet stuff. Say “Yes” to the freedom of it, the movement of it, the flow.

“If life is interesting and exciting, we must look on ourselves as growing children, right up to the end of our days.” WH Davies

Notice your no’s. Say yes to a few pre-conceived ‘no’-tions. Instead of giving a knee-jerk “I Can’t” – think instead “How Might I?” Life is short. Say “Yes” to it.

We find a balance that includes what we have an appitude and liking for, and what ever life brings that includes patience and involvement with others.

Make your bed, brush your teeth, and try an new activity, or volunteer to help someone else.Our true nature does not have fear and a sense of staying where we are and protecting what we have. Or saying NO to life.Our true nature is open and accepting to what the world holds. Life is adventure.

DO you realize that you are responsible for the life you experience? 

As we expand our field of awareness, we expand the depth of our becoming, the circle of our being. We become the world. And since we already are the world, we only reclaim what we already are anyway. We reinspire it into ourselves. We give it permission to live within us. We become a shimmering leaf, the flight of an eagle, a raging river, our hurt and anger, the trembling in our heart, the ant that we crush, people we dislike, noises that bother us. In the act of becoming we are led into the pulsing heart of all things. We are led into a dynamic state of presence. So presence is a rootedness into the depths of your soul that roots you into the depths and the heights and the center of all things.YES

Awareness, becoming and presence permeate every aspect of the Work (our lives). It is the main component of what I am doing, what we are doing and what I am inviting people to do. All of these levels of becoming carries us into presence, the presence which equals soul-full-ness, which is spirit living fully through the body. Say YES.

None of this is possible if we hold ourselves back, restrict ourselves. Saying NO. We sometimes need to trust and take a large scary step, instead of standing still.

We begin to get into trouble by not being authentic and living up to our values.

You are the one, in life, who decides you will or will not participate in what is actually happening. Joining in or withdrawing and isolating. We all need to make decisions on what is healthy and what is unhealthy in our lives. And what we want to join in with and what we decide to let go. But we do not restrict and constrict our lives, and we do not just stop!

Mostly it is a matter of  not even feeling like there is a choice. When our heart and minds are open, when we have a sense of curiosity and acceptance, when we are not operating from our fears, we naturally step into life without thinking about it. 

My addiction was restrictive, closed and judgmental. It was dark, fearful and moving only towards suffering and causing suffering.

My re-covery CAN, (my decision), begin to encompass the whole world and ALL that is in it.     If I have the courage to say YES and open.

When we give up useless craving and learn to live each day at a time, enjoying, and embracing the experiences that life offers us. Patiently working with the problems that life involves without fear, hatred and anger, then we become happy and free. Only then do we being to live fully. Because we are no longer obsessed with satisfying our own selfish wants, and pushing away in fear, we find we have so much time to be engaged in life, and help others fulfill their needs.

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.                                                                         The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.                                                               The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.

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