2-25-18 Notice and Let Go

Notice and Let Go

Notice: To become aware of. To observe. To give attention to something you had not before. To Pay Attention To (Your Life). To detect something that is obscure or concealed.
Let Go: To release, to intentionally quit hanging onto.

I don’t believe anyone wants to go through life without realizing, noticing, what is going on. But we do that a lot. When we permit outside influences to dis-guide us, we are reacting to old, familiar and comfortable behaviors that keep us blinded and being led around.

Do you realize that you rarely notice what you are feeling or doing, or why? You are just you, being you in the world, without really knowing what’s going on. Is that ok???

An addiction, including the ego addiction, numbs you so you don’t notice much. At that point you don’t want to. That’s the whole idea. Perhaps you notice how others get in your way, or feel afraid a lot. Maybe you notice the need to isolate and have your friend, your only “real” friend, readily available to block out everything else.

Stepping onto some kind of a spiritual path can seem difficult at times. There are so many things in a program to do, to go through, and to not do. There’s talk of growing spiritually…but HOW? Much of it may seem to go against the grain of who you are and how you have done things all your life. Well, actually, it does; but let’s consider the following approach as a simple supplement to the work.

First, you do have to want to work with your perceptions in order to grow into a more aware and awake life. If you don’t want to, then please stay where you are.

Have you ever felt like you were on a conveyor belt, zooming through life? Perhaps it’s time to step off and choose where you go, and know WHY you do what you do. Notice when you are hurrying through something (like reading this), to get to the next thing you have to hurry through in order to get to….Notice what it feels like to bring your full attention and calmness to everything you do. When done, let it go and move on.

Try putting a little energy into just NOTICING what’s going on. This doesn’t mean you have to change anything or adjust or find a new way of walking or breathing or thinking or caring for yourself or making friends with people you don’t even like…you just notice your life and how it feels.
Put your emotions on notice that you WILL be noticing them! They are ok, but will be noticed.

Notice when you are feeling afraid about doing something because of what you think someone else might think of you. You don’t need to do anything different, just notice what it feels like.

Notice what it feels like to judge and blame someone else…and to judge and blame yourself. Just notice what it feels like. DO NOT feel the need to change anything…just notice. Also notice that in not needing to change or fix yourself, there is a gemtle acceptance that you are who you are, and it’s ok.

Notice what it feels like to be engaged in a negative emotion. What it’s like to have some resentment rolling around in your head, distracting you and confusing you? And what does it feel like to not have that resentment, when your attention is on something else? For a little while, the resentment is gone, but then it comes back. (It’s an emotion that you feed and promote, so it’s sure to come back.) Notice all of this, without judgement, and let go. Just noticing, and letting go, as opposed to actively engaging and identifying with it, will short circuit its power over you. When you are engaged in an emotion, you are not noticing it, you are identifying with it. Your ego does not want you to be aware of what’s going on. It wants you to blindly follow it and engage fully in negativity, blaming others, and feeling unworthy. That is where the ego thrives.

Notice that you may walk around with a subtle sense of unease. Much of your day may consist of an unnamed, indistinct, negative feeling that you continue to nurture by engaging it all the time. Notice that, breathe, relax your shoulders, and smile a bit. What does it feel like to feel good? Try promoting that instead. Notice when you feel more balanced and at peace. Notice how making the small effort of noticing feels.

What does it feel like to attack a person or an idea? What does that aggression feel like?

Notice when you realize you’re waiting for “things” to start coming your way, and how you’ll feel good when they do. Notice you have had that thought all your life.

Notice when you keep looking for what is wrong. Notice when you keep looking for ways to appreciate life.

Notice when you express gentleness and patience instead of irritation…and when you express irritation instead of gentleness and patience.

Notice when you are fixated on someone as an object, and what it feels like to instead see them as a complete person that you respect. Notice how that also brings respect for yourself.

Notice when you rail against and complain about things that are a fact. Things that you cannot change. Also notice when you begin to see some humor in all of that.

Notice when you are manipulating someone or lying.

Notice that you want to notice what your life is all about. You may think, ‘if I don’t look at it, maybe it isn’t there.’ That philosophy doesn’t work any better for life than it does for a bus about to hit you.

You do have to begin making the effort to just notice. It’s a new behavior, and meditation helps. In meditation, you notice when you’re thinking (it’s fine), and you notice bringing your attention back to the breath. You notice the calmness there, even if only for a few seconds. You are beginning use, to bolster, to hone, your noticing ability. You have an amazing ability to notice, to see clearly, but it can be scary to take the blinders off. Just notice that also. Notice how you miss the circus in your head. Notice what the calmness brings.

Notice that you begin to have choices, and you begin to make healthier ones because you like yourself. How very nice. You do want to get off the conveyor belt. You want to notice what it feels like to walk on your own and with others in your life. Notice that you have difficult times, and that is ok.

Notice that at your core there is a basic goodness that comes through when you merely notice what you are doing. A goodness that gently guides…if you take notice of it.

Notice what it is like to share with your partner or a friend, what you have noticed about yourself during the day. “We continued to take personal inventory, and practice these principles in all our affairs.”

Your addiction is an END. But there is no end to new beginnings, when you are noticing and letting go of life. You let go, because there is another moment awaiting you. Notice fully, what’s there next.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
The great arises out of small things that are noticed and cared for.
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