11-26-17 Growth


To grow: Progressive development, evolution, increase, expansion, gain.
To not grow: decrease, diminish, fixed, immobile, stagnant.

In my addiction there was no growth towards any spiritual or personal benefit. On the contrary I diminished my capacity to honestly feel and intelligently work with life, myself and others. I was in fear and pain, and only indulged more deeply into my addiction to try and cover up and escape the confusion and pain.

Today I have been given a precious gift. The gift of how to recover from my seemingly hopeless state of damaging myself and all around me.
I have grown, and I need to be aware and grateful for that. And also very aware that I need to have a new discipline to continue my growth, or I can become stagnant and stuck in — good enough. I have new tools to work with, new disciplines to employ, which will enable me to continue my growth. If I do embrace my new way of living and incorporate: my meetings, my kindness, not judging, my awareness and mindfulness, so that it becomes HOW I live, not just something I do occasionally. I will then grow, help others, and prosper.
If I do not change how I think and act, but only give my new path — lip service, I am in danger of relapsing, or at best living in a stagnant, depressing world. Awareness is the key to growth.

We do need to have the basic needs covered before we can grow. We need to be able to provide food, and shelter. We need freedom from fear. A sense of belonging, trust and family.
To have esteem for ourselves, and (which will follow naturally) esteem from others.
And then, realizing our potential – self actualization.
We need to be aware of when one of the basic needs has become an obsession, that undermines our natural, healthy growth. When we become obsessed with safety, perhaps money well past the amount needed to provide our basics, we are being driven by a harmful desire. When we judge others and need the world to spin OUR way, we are in trouble.

The magic happens when we stop… Because underneath all the crazy thoughts and challenging
feelings is that blue sky. Obviously this has to be balanced with an intellectual approach of
improvement, but how can the intellect, the rational, thinking mind, which causes us so much
stress and so many problems, also be the answer to those problems. It’s like the blind leading the
blind. So it’s only by addressing, approaching or accessing the broader, innate essence of mind – otherwise known as awareness – that we can really start to make sense of it all.
It’s the direct experience of life, as it happens, in this very moment – in other words, through meditation, through being mindful. Free from judgment and coming from a place of spacious clarity, life is experienced ‘as it is’, right now. This is what it means to grow personally.
There is a sense of underlying contentment and unshakable confidence which enables us to be happy and engaged in whatever we’re doing. Of course, it’s fine to have dreams and to plan ahead, but if we can focus on the present moment a little more, then as a general rule the future will take care of itself. Psychology Today:

90% of what we do in life are small things. Walking to…, talking to…, buying things, dressing, shopping, showering, driving to…, eating, reaching for. If we can learn that we need to be PRESENT for all those things, we will grow our awareness and be much happier BEING, rather than constantly TRYING to get somewhere. Just “getting through” 90% of our lives, while waiting for our growth to start when we GET somewhere, always brings unhappiness.
The next time you are dressing or showering, try being very present for all the smells, feelings, sounds involved in that. Brerathe, relax, let go of the stream of blah blah in your mind and appreciate what is happening directly.

What are some signs of growth? It’s a very good sign when you start to slow down and notice the beauty in the world. Quit needing others to change to accommodate you.
Notice you have choices. Realize that you have a choice about how to respond. Choose moreappropriate and creative response. Becoming more aware of your actions.
Feelings of calmness. You may have spells of greater than usual calmness more often.
And when you are feeling unsettled, you are able to work with it better, and you, your awareness and kindness, are the instrument of calming, not needing some outside source.

Becoming more dissatisfied. Paradoxically, one side-effect of becoming more self-aware is that you realize that there are things about yourself that cause tension, disharmony. This realization is uncomfortable but also useful. If you don’t become aware of things in your behavior that you recognize need work, you’ll never do anything about them.

It’s now known that when you meditate, you rewire your brain in helpful ways. It might take months for those changes to manifest in anything perceptible. So in the meantime, just relax and get on with the practice. wildmind.org

Carl. G. Jung’s definition, chronic alcoholism and other addictions are – but symptoms of a greater malady – which is “spiritual in nature.” The remedy is based on altruism, daily prayer/meditation, and a few other simple daily actions, such as doing the next right thing and saying thanks to a power-greater-than-ourselves. (And doing those simple actions consistently.)

Contentment is simple. Unhappiness gets complicated.
Keep it simple, look for the good things, and enjoy being on that path.
When you get tied up in knots, find a way to unwind, and keep it simple.
Always believe in yourself, even when you are struggling. Help others. That is Growth

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for. Heart Of Recovery web site – fcheartofrecovery.com