7-23-17 The Lightness of Being Spiritual

The Lightness of Being Spiritual

Spiritual Intelligence – To utilize our reasoning, our knowledge, AND our innate wisdom and intuitive connection beyond personal gain, which permits and promotes a far reaching insight, that supports the well-being of all people and our world, and brings peace and happiness.

Another word for Spiritual Intelligence is Presence or Life. This is not our neurotic, separate sense of self in which there is a resistance to evolving and having a connection beyond our base instinct for survival and self gratification.

Through meditative practices, awareness can be trained and focused on the contents of the mind to observe ongoing experience. Intelligent awareness permits the cultivation of
self-control. They allow people to break the negative emotional chain reaction and head off the hopelessness and despair it leads to. Intelligence without self awareness is only facts, not life.

In my relationships, the way I behave reflects my commitment to experiencing the deepest level of compassion, communication and honesty possible with everyone.
I am proactively, happily, facing everything in my life – health, addictions, finances, happiness, work/life balance, career – and doing everything within my power to bring health and balance to them. I take total responsibility for the way I am and what I do moment by moment. Not responsibility in the sense of a burden, but in the sense of a healthy and light embrace of life itself. Doing the best I can, and believing in myself. Then dropping it. NOT mulling over and re-playing old scenes over and over.  How much of my unhappiness is because of how others act? Your business is how you think and act, not controlling others. We take our attention off of the awareness of our mindset, and our responsibility to think clearly and act with a sense of joy and compassion, whenever we are focused on how others SHOULD act. A continuous soap opera. Change channels.

These changes can be difficult to embody in our lives. We need to take one small step at a time into our spiritual awareness, and feel the healthy changes that occur that will support us in
furthering our resolve to continue to open up. Humor can, in the context of spiritual practice, be used as a kind of a skillful means, to help us towards enlightenment. Joy and laughter provide us with a wonderful opportunity to challenge the assumed sovereignty of the ego.
We cannot acquire liberation by defeating something else, as if spirituality is a battlefield. A sense of humor comes from an all pervading joy, not a battle between this and that. We see the insignificance of our trying and grasping and how important it all is to us. Now that is funny.
In fact, thinking that happiness depends on things outside of ourselves is a trap. It makes it harder for us to experience real happiness. True happiness and intelligence comes from our internal attitude and the ability to enjoy but NOT attach to things. The happiness that is a factor of enlightenment is not dependent on objects, but is a state of mind cultivated through mental discipline. Because it is not dependent on an impermanent object, it does not come and go. A person who has cultivated Happiness still feels the effects of transitory emotions — happiness or sadness — but appreciates their impermanence and essential unreality.
We cannot just hope we will get happier, We need to actively cultivate joy and happiness in our lives using the new tools we have. We need to practice all the time, while relaxing more all the time. If you think you need to wait until this happens or that goes away in order to be happy, you will always be waiting. Start being happy NOW. It’s OK to smile, it changes who you are and how the world looks. The best predictor of general life satisfaction was not satisfaction with family life, friendships, or income, but satisfaction with self. Yes, yourself, right now, just as you are. We may be the products of our past, but we are also the architects of our future.
We can have both knowledge and wisdom, when we join the two using our spiritual intelligence.
Then we relax and appreciate life, not fight it.

In my addiction, I used a lot of brain power to figure out how to get, engage in and hide my
addiction. I manipulated people and circumstances for my benefit, always focused on my needs. I was very cunning (or so I thought), at continuing an addiction that had no spiritual or humane basis and harmed everyone. After my main addiction has been addressed, I may still rely on my brain power to force my way through life, wondering why I am still unhappy. I am not using the discipline that brings joy. I have a hard time not engaging in all the drama I am so used to.

I need to use my intelligence to begin, and continue, stepping into new and different ways of seeing and relating to the world, and myself. I see and hear from others who are on various levels of letting go of the juicy ‘poor me,’ or prideful me, of the BS in life. I see the benefits of what comes when they do. I see that it is possible for me also.

You have to trust your intuition. You have to want to let go of using only your factual brain and
emotional reservoir, and join those with a deeper practice that is not limited by your thoughts and
feelings, but includes and goes beyond them, to feel more fully your entire experience.
Do you take small liberties with the truth because it seems easier, or works to your advantage?
This is like an addict taking only a small taste of their drug and thinking it won’t hurt anything
this time.

The more we use our spiritual intelligence as a factor in how we think and act, the more natural it becomes to live directly from our hearts. The more natural it becomes to accept more peace in our lives, and promote health and healing.
When we lighten up, we open up. We see more, have a better understanding of the whole, beyond our little mental prison of self, and begin to enjoy and appreciate our lives.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
“The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.”
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