4-16-17 Acceptance – Action

Acceptance – Action

Acceptance does not mean I mindlessly accept whatever is occurring. Such as OH, I am an alcoholic, oh well. I did have that thought more than once, did not get me very far. That was acceptance, without letting my acceptance inform and guide any action.
Acceptance does not mean that I mindlessly float around, just accepting whatever. When I am accepting and surrendered to what is real and true, not my own desires or my personal view of truth, I find a natural energy to engage with. I am involved in activities in a more fruitful and healthy way. I know by instinct, what to accept and what is better to let go of.
At one point I needed to accept my addiction. And then I needed to feel what the right action to take was, and to accept that and to ACT on it. And accept that it will not be easy.

Whenever we act from greed, aversion, or delusion, we are not seeing reality or truth, we are seeing only what we want to. We only promote or protect our egos. When we do this it creates difficulties because we are acting in direct opposition to what is true, no matter how intelligently we rationalize it. Pay attention!
We may have a trauma in our lives where it will take some time to find acceptance and the right effort to move through and become whole and wiser. We will then be able to be of benefit to others because of our experience.
We can no more control the life in which we are engaged in than the wave can control the ocean from which it arises. The less you struggle against, accept, the natural flow of life, the freer you will be. You learn how to navigate what is there instead of fighting what cannot be controlled.
Right action is one of the Eight Fold Steps In Buddhism. Action is informed by Right Mindfulness, Awareness and View. Or, what is my intention, is it small and selfish or am I considering a larger picture that includes others and their welfare?

It is important that you do not consider awareness or meditation, to be your “ally,” called on to suppress the “enemies” that are your unruly thoughts. Do not turn your mind into a battlefield. Opposition between good and bad is often compared to light and dark, but if we look at it in a different way, we will see that when light shines, darkness does not disappear. It doesn’t leave; it merges with the light. It becomes the light.
To meditate does not mean to fight with a problem. To meditate means to observe, accept and move on.

We can choose to act on this same principle in our everyday life. An acceptance of our need to rearrange, change, our old way of doing things, because it keeps bringing us the same tired result. We can begin training ourselves to pause, to feel more deeply what a right action should be, and not act offhanded or selfishly. It takes training. That is why we are here right now. Acceptance that we need to have a change occur, not through force, but by opening up. Which seems more difficult, but is the only way out of our dilemma.

We try to control things because of what we think will happen if we don’t. In other words, control is rooted in fear. Control is also a result of being attached to a specific outcome—an outcome we’re sure is best for us, as if we always know what’s best, for us and everyone else. The energy of surrender and acceptance, accomplishes much more than the energy of control.
It’s not about inaction. It’s about taking action from that place of surrender energy.
How many times do I go somewhere, or do something with an agenda in mind that I expect the universe to grant me? And when it does not go as I, I, I, planned, I am then upset and the world will hear about that slight.

Acceptance has two aspects we can look at. One is non acceptance where you are always complaining. Acceptance also means you overcome your fear of speaking up for yourself when you should. If you do not feel not quite good enough, or are conditioned from a past experience of someone demeaning or overshadowing you, you CAN accept your fear of not being a whole, worthy complete person that you trust and believe in. When you accept that, you see and feel naturally what you really should do. You will have the courage to act wisely. With mistakes and all, you are complete.

It is helpful to work with acceptance and action with small things, so you become used to and practiced with that mindset. Have an awareness of when you are tightening up over something you cannot control. (Lots of possibilities there), Weather, traffic, trains, others behavior, having to clean something, running late, etc. Feel the resentment, and then try bringing in a bit of sanity and acceptance, as you gently laugh at yourself, and act from the heart.
(I continually amaze myself with how often I choose to not accept reality, even as I consider what an intelligent person I am, and feel resentful instead of being able to garner all the richness from the moment that I can.) How and why you do something is more important than what you do. How, and why you act is a reflection of wholesome or unwholesome intentions, and the result will reflect that.

My innate basic goodness, my spiritual center is always present and available. I come from that center many times every day without thinking about it, which is the only way to touch into the Sunlight of the Spirit. Not with thought, but from our heart center that we have learned to access more through meditation, prayer, and an awareness of reality beyond our small selfishness.
Believe in yourself, feel completely worthy of a good life that is difficult sometimes, and try to help others. What would it feel like to fully believe in yourself?

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for. Heart Of Recovery web site – fcheartofrecovery.com