Directions to Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center

Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center – 126A W. Mountain Avenue is located in downtown Fort Collins

If you park out on College or on Mountain Avenue go to the decorative alley between College and Mason on the north side of Mountain Avenue.  Follow the walkway north towards the City Parking Garage.   On your left, at the end of the walkway,  you will see an iron gate in an entry alcove which has the Shambhala sign on it.  Walk through the gate to the entrance door of the building which is almost directly in line with it. Once inside the glass entry doors, to your left is a wooden door leading to stairs which go up a half a floor. Go up the stairs and walk into the Fort Collins Shambhala Meditation Center door.

You could also park in the City parking garage at the corner of Mason and LaPorte and walk out the southeast entry of the garage. When you emerge you’ll be facing the iron gate about 40 feet across the alley to the south.