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1-8-17 Real?

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What’s real, well, one thing that comes to mind is, whatever it is I am suffering from seems pretty real. It is however relatively real. I need to know that it is my choice to suffer, Pain and conflict will be present in my life, and when I can accept that, really accept that I will have painful situations, I do not need to suffer.

There is one truth, that is relatively divided into two aspects: a truth of worldly convention and an ultimate or spiritual truth. Without a foundation in the worldly truth, the significance of the ultimate cannot be taught. Without understanding the significance of the spiritual, the worldly cannot be understood correctly and liberation from suffering is not achieved. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.

Being aware is simple, and quite easy to do, it’s easy to complicate it, but it’s very simple in practice. The more our consciousness is developed and gets closer to the source, the greater the spiritual is present and the major factor in our lives. From emotions arise fixations, which are what WE want or don’t want through logic and past behaviors demanding to be in charge.

AND NOW, is a phrase I use many times a day, wherever I am, whatever I am doing, especially if I am feeling tension, to continually bring me back to the present.

What reality in your life brings you suffering or limits you from reaching your goals and your dreams? Your life may be a false movie you create, or a continual expansion to meld, to bring together, the spiritual and the worldly.

I think a spiritual journey is not so much a journey of discovery. It’s a journey of recovery. It’s a journey of uncovering your own inner nature. It’s already there. Billy Corgan

It is through gratitude for the present moment that the spiritual dimension of life opens up. Eckhart Tolle

My addiction taught me that anything I try to manufacture out of fear or desire will come
crashing down, causing suffering to me and to others. I can continue to manufacture my reality using less obvious addictions, mainly letting the ego run the show, and still be spiritually bankrupt. In a more socially acceptable manner, but still causing a lot of suffering

One place I see clearly my grasping, is when I PLAN to do something, and it does not work out like I planned, and I am frustrated. I form resentments and mull over it, which destroys my present moment and the future. My plan of what I am going to do, what others need to do and how the universe needs to cooperate in my plans does not seem to be very real when I actually look at it.

I can get up to get a glass of water and the doorbell rings, and I am upset that my plan is not working. Starting to accept small changes is an important way to bring the spiritual into my life.
If I am able to breathe, when MY plan is not happening and accept what is happening, I will be able to move forward with peace and a better understanding of what would be best to do next.
When I can treat others and myself with a sense of sacred space and acceptance, with dignity and wisdom, I relax into a higher plane while I am also engaged in the world. Gently, with strength.

You cannot own the power and magic of this world. It is always available, but it does not belong to anyone. We can however, share it with others through our example.

Keeping it simple is helpful and essential. First we need to be Aware of how we act. This comes about through training our minds to Pay Attention, – through meditation, and consciously feeling what we are doing, all the time. This may seem like a lot of work to always be attentive to what you are feeling and doing, but it comes more naturally as you practice it. What we are more used to, is not paying attention, and letting other forces determine our lives. When we are aware, we have the capacity to make choices, as opposed to being mindlessly engaged in our old destructive habits.

It is important that we stop engaging in our addiction, but equally important is what we choose to engage in. To honestly commit to a recognition, acceptance and dismantling of our delusions and partake in life as it truly exists. To take affirmative mindful actions that engage us in life, connect us to our inner strength, wisdom and calmness, to the world and to other people.
When we can control our anger, our fear of life, our resentments or need to push life away, and replace it with a responsible action we gain so much; we are on the right path with our head held higher and our vision seeing much more.

We all need to consistently attend to and refresh our spirituality, and our larger connection, and our physical environment. We all need to eat and exercise in order to feel good. How we choose our food and our exercise will determine how we feel. Big Macks and no exercise will make us feel crappy. We also need to be attentive to our environment. Is our living space kept up in a reasonable way? Do we engage with people that are healthy and nourishing? Do we complain a lot, or try to be grateful and open?
Do we pursue our spiritual program? Go to meetings, meditate, pray? Work on taking our spiritual life into our everyday life? Begin to replace our negative judgement of ourselves with a loving kindness? Whatever we promote will be more present. That is reality.

When we begin to believe in ourselves, to trust ourselves, we begin to blossom. We blossom by being more content, and recognizing the suffering of others and doing what we can to be of benefit to them. Helping others, not fixing them, is when we are out of ourselves and
experiencing our true natures, the reality of the spiritual and worldly working together.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
“The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.”
Heart Of Recovery web site –

1-1-17 With Peace

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With Peace

We all wish to be happy. We may think happiness is getting what we want or avoiding what we don’t want. In not knowing that these only cause more pain we are ignorant of how to be with peace. We can be addicted to crisis, or avoiding any conflict, or trying to just float along not really being touched by much.
A spiritual life includes good and bad and our experiencing those fully, but not attaching to those experiences as who we are, good or bad. With a foundation that comes from kindness and being with peace, we are able to experience and connect to the world, others and ourselves very deeply, without being overwhelmed or defined by the experience.

Here are two rules on the spiritual path: Begin and Continue. Sufi saying

People in the West are always getting ready to live. Chinese saying

I will practice looking deeply to see that the happiness and suffering of others are not separate from my own happiness and suffering. Thich Nhat Hahn

Recovery – is to restore, to regain. Not the need to find anything new or different. I have never lost my spiritual self, I am only sometimes in a place where I am unable to see or feel it. It is still there! And I can touch it if I am willing to be with Peace instead of in my habitual graspings and fears. That peace is always with me.
Even today I sometimes wonder who I am. Sometimes I feel very spiritually connected, I can be considerate and patient, I feel a definite connection to, and desire to engage, in the world. Other times I just sort of mindlessly float through life.
And that is OK. I Keep Walking and working on the better me that is already there..

I may well feel a lack of intensity or feel fear when I have the courage to not act impulsively.This is a good thing, peace will naturally arise when we give our old behaviors space. How am I causing myself to suffer?
I need to have a quiet time to meditate for a little bit, then search inside for how I am causing myself problems. I need to let go of the story line, (who, what, where), and just feel where the tension that is inside me. To sit with that tension and breathe into it, not trying to fix anything, accepting it and becoming familiar with that part of me.
I need to get over being RIGHT and trying to fix anyone. I don’t fix myself, I open up.

A spiritual life is an engagement in and a connection with all that occurs, good and difficult. But not an attachment to the good or the difficult. Attachment is where I begin narrowing my vision, judging, and start resentments of others and ourselves, as not worthy.
When I feel a twinge of – “I shouldn’t do this”, with small things, it is a good time to practice, to become familiar with choosing peace over an ego’s satisfaction.
When I do come from peace and kindness, I will hurt when it hurts, and laugh when it is joyful, and find a very full life with all that occurs.

Through discipline comes the joy of life.
In my addiction I had no discipline in regard to my spiritual, physical or emotional well being, nor the well being of others. However I could have an amazing discipline in pursuing my destructive addiction.
Today I learn and grow in maintaining a watchful, and caring eye on my thoughts and behaviors.

When I come from aggression, fear or avoidance, I may feel a small victory in getting what I want by denying someone else their worth and dignity, or avoiding a situation which will only expand the difficulty in the future.
When I come from Peace, I must have a dicipline to not react. But to consider and act wisely from my heart. This may feel like I have not gotten what I wanted, (immediate gratification). But I will feel a sense of rightness in my actions, or in my not reacting.
Peace is calm and gentle, but strong. I will feel a sense of dignity, and worthiness about myself, and in how I have treated others.
It is not important how someone else acts, how I act IS important.

This takes work, and a constant awareness of your true heart and self.
What am I promoting and advocating, Peace or problems?
Life is not always straight forward, but try to keep things as simple as possible, I breathe deeply before I act when I feel a tension and touch my heart, be brave. Bravery is gentleness and strength. To say yes and no when I should. I am my best teacher, I need to pay attention.

If I only hear good words and do not act upon them, I cause suffering.
Can I have the discipline to practice my spiritual life, to bring peace, everyday?
Can I be gentle and strong enough to not hold grudges? To look for what is good, not wrong? When I am looking for what is wrong, I will come from a place of judgement and negativity.

If I am not promoting peace – why not? Too busy being selfish or feeling sorry for myself? Today I have a choice.

It takes work, but the results are a long lasting sense of contentment and peace that I have, and bring to the whole world.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
“The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for.”
Heart Of Recovery web site –

12-25-17 Drop the Story Line

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Drop the Story Line

A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest. A kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. Albert Einstein

What does “Dropping the story line” mean?
When something triggers you, you automatically remember other instances when this trigger was pulled and you then mindlessly react in the same way, to hide or to attack.
Or you walk into a situation where you have already judged others and the situation and have your defenses or attacks all ready.
Both situations will result in your discomfort, dissatisfaction, suffering. And that is what you will bring to others.

Acknowledge when you are feeling anxious. Bring to mind just the feeling of anxiety, no story line, person place or thing allowed, only the sense of the emotion. Feel where it is in your body. Greet the emotion, accept it with gentleness and compassion, it is a fearful child, care for it! Give that emotion a lot of space, it will lose its sense of being real if you accept it and care for it. And give it space, i.e., don’t focus on it as if it were real, its just a thought.
As you learn to care for yourself, you will care well for others who are also suffering
Know that you can engage in life in a more positive manner if you choose to!

The past is past, it’s over, let’s not let it discolor our present or future.The future is yet to be determined, I do have a say in how I engage in my life.

Daily-life practice is never abstract. As soon as uncomfortable emotions come up, we train ourselves in breathing into them and dropping the story line. At the same time, we extend our thoughts and concern to other people who feel the same discomfort, and we breathe in with the wish that all of us could be free of this particular brand of confusion. Then, as we breathe out, we send ourselves and others whatever kind of relief we think would help. We can try to do this whenever difficult situations and feelings arise. Over time it will become more automatic.

Truthfully, this practice does go against the grain of wanting things on our own terms, of wanting it to work out for ourselves no matter what happens to the others. The practice dissolves the armor of self-protection we’ve tried so hard to create around ourselves.
You can go through most of life watching re-runs in your heads, and writing soap operas about your lives, to entertain yourselves. Usually there are 10 or 20 good things for each difficulty, but you can let the one thing that raises your hackles destroy everything.
This narrows you and denies your being able to use your intuition, your intelligence and wisdom with clear eyes. To see and feel life fully as it so richly is.

We begin to know that we can release our thoughts and emotions during meditation. We acknowledge our thoughts, and we do not engage in the story line. We do not let our thoughts hook us into some science fiction horror thriller of a story, we simply return to the breath. Seems like a bad trade to let go of so much entertainment for a simple attention to the breath. The breath will help you to let go of what you can, and deal with what you cannot let go of in a healthy way, not just promoting and furthing your suffering.

Learn to recognize when you are hooked into one of your story lines. Just as in meditation, when you are aware you have been thinking about something, you gently let it go. You need to consistently do the same thing in all aspects of your lives. Train yourselves to know when you are feeling tight, and you ask yourselves, what can I do? This is the first step in dropping the story line. Then your training in meditation and the breath begins to be utilized. Anything in life you are somewhat accomplished in you needed to have the discipline to train yourself. Begin and continue to train yourself in being happier and of worth to the world. You begin to know which path is healthy and which is unhealthy. You learn to say no to unhealthy aspects of yourselves and your mind. You naturally begin to engage in healthy ways of living, growing and appreciating your lives.
There is so much available and wonderful, even within our difficulties and in an imperfect world.

Learn to breathe, soften and open your heart, don’t harden it, and do the best you can.
Sometimes letting another persons anger, resentments or thoughtlessness pass, without replying or getting hurt is best. No reply is often well heard.
If a reply is necessary try opening up your perspective and addressing a larger viewpoint. Do not get caught in arguing small useless points. When we do not have to hide or attack we can be present for all that is good in any situation, with appreciation and kindness, without fear.

It is not always easy, but we need to remember we are human and will fail, but we step back up and keep walking our path. Always believe in yourselves, and in others. And work at it!!!

Do you know how truly fortunate you are, how much you have to be thankful for?
If you did, your perceived difficulties would be so small you might miss them. And you would feel compassion for those engaged is such useless acts that brings them suffering, including yourself.
Compassion always overcomes suffering, – – – when you use it.

How do you fill your bucket? One drop at a time.
The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.
The great arises out of small things that are honored and cared for. Heart Of Recovery web site –